Nellie Brett Retirement Party

In July of this year Nellie Brett retired from her position of manager of Dalton House Daycare Centre. Nellie was a founding member of Gowran Community Housing for the Elderly and manager of Dalton House Daycare Centre for 17 years.

On Wednesday evening the 17th of July we celebrated with Nellie as she embarked on a new part of her life. Below is an extract from the speech our Chairman Canon Pat Dalton made that night.

“The happiness, the good things which are experienced in this Centre has its origin in the initiative, the drive, the determination, the positivity and the work over and above the call duty, during the last 17 years of you Nellie and that is why we are treating you this evening as our very special guest. There is no doubt about it but you, with all your God given talents, have built Dalton House Day Care Centre into what it is today. It was this work that brought the Committee of the Irish Healthcare Centre to bestow on Dalton House Daycare the Daycare Centre of the Year 2017 Award last March.

Fortunately for the Day Centre and Gowran Community Housing Association you are back now as a Director of Gowran Parish Enterprise Group, a directorship you had to step down from when you were the Manager. As Director again, although in a different capacity, and as a founder member you will be very much part of the work and services here again and the Group will benefit again with your participation in decision making and the benefit of your foresight, positivity and care for those who will avail of the services provided here.”

Below are a selection of photos from the night.



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