Life Through our View Finder II’ is the second publication by Dalton House, growing on the success of ‘Life Through our View Finder I ‘  published in 2009. The book records the memories and historical recollections of people within the region. Recollections which offer insight into the forming our community and our history.

The projects aims to acknowledge and highlight the valuable contribution of the lives of people within the community, to record their views and recollections in the context of their time. Their stories offer an understanding of the foundation of the community we live in today. And in turn acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of those within our community.

Growing from the demand of the first book, Dalton House Daycare Centre, is currently working with forty participants recording their life experiences and history from the region to publish ‘Life Through our View Finder II ‘ in October 2012. Building on a portion of the sales from the first book Dalton House Daycare Centre are now seeking a final €3000 for the publication of the second book, which cost a total of €7000 to publish. €4000 has already been raise through fundraising efforts , including monthly cakes sales and through sales of the first book.

Revenue from the sales of the book return to Dalton House Daycare Centre for ongoing activities within the centre.

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