Christmas Baking

As part of our fundraising efforts, the staff of Dalton House bake a lovely selection of Christmas cakes, puddings, mince pies and Jam. If you would like to place an order, you can ring us on 056 772 6718 or drop us an email on Check out our price list below:

Price List

  • Jam €2.50 per pot (raspberry, strawberry, marmalade, blackcurrant, apple & strawberry, rhubarb & ginger)
  • Jam Gift Set with 3 different flavours €7.50
  • 1 Doz. Mince Pies €7.00
  • Small Plum Pudding €5.00
  • Medium Plum Pudding €8.00
  • Large Plum Pudding €10.00
  • Small Iced Christmas Cake €20.00
  • Medium Iced Christmas Cake €25.00
  • Large Iced Christmas Cake €30.00


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